Thursday, August 25, 2016

Crossbreed MiniTuck Holster - Mini Review

Since 2005, Crossbreed holsters has been producing their hybrid holster designs from their production facility in Springfield, Missouri. As an innovator of hybrid holster designs, the MiniTuck has been a Crossbreed catalog staple for many years.  The MiniTuck holster is intended to be worn inside the waistband with the metal clips hooking over the belt.  A concealment garment can be worn un-tucked, or tucked inside the waistband between the belt clips and holster backing.    

While I'm not a stranger to hybrid holsters, this was my first opportunity to evaluate a Crossbreed holster.  The MiniTuck I received featured a black dyed cowhide backer with a black Kydex shell (Crossbreed calls it the pocket) custom molded for a Walther PK380. The holster included standard belt clips and would cost approximately $77.00, with shipping costs included, if ordered directly from Crossbreed.  Crossbreed also offers different styles of belt clips and premium natural cowhide and horsehide holster backers for additional fees.  

With limited exclusions, Crossbreed holsters come with "our 'Two Week, Try it Free Guarantee' and a Life Time Warranty. Once you receive your holster you have two weeks to try it out. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied simply return it and we will refund the purchase price of the holster. Shipping charges are not refunded. If the holster should ever fail under normal use, we will repair or replace it as long as you own it."  The company definitely stands behind their product.

My typical Summer carry has been a snub revolver or micro semi-auto carried in my right front pocket.  I will occasionally carry a larger semi-auto AIWB as the weather cools down and we transition into Fall.  The PK380 is a fairly large firearm as compared to the majority of available 380 Auto pistols available today. With an overall length of 6.5 inches, I thought the Crossbreed MiniTuck would be a good holster choice for this handgun.

It turns out I was correct that the MiniTuck would allow me to comfortably carry the PK380 at the 5 O'clock position.  Crossbreed adds two additional sets of holes in the holster backer to allow for adjustment of the belt clips.  Raising the clips pushes the holster deeper beneath the waistband.  Raising only the front clip cants the holster forward.  I personally liked how the holster felt and the ease of drawing with the clips set as they came from Crossbreed.  The key point is you have options to experiment with and decide which clip setting works best for you.

The leather backer on the MiniTuck features the Combat Cut as a standard feature of the holster.  The Combat Cut trims back the leather backer to allow for an easier grip on pistol during the draw.  The downside is this also exposes more the pistol grip surface to your skin.  The smooth grip on the Walther wasn't uncomfortable rubbing against my back.  If you have a pistol with super aggressive grips, you may want to consider the larger SuperTuck holster instead of the MiniTuck.

I grabbed 8 video captures of the draw stroke when using the MiniTuck with the PK380.  I think photo 4 is the most important as it shows how a correct master grip can be established on the pistol as it is drawn from the holster.

I've worn the MiniTuck several times out on the range this Summer.  The cowhide backer is starting to take on the patina of absorbed sweat, but the belt clip attachment hardware shows no signs of rusting.  If the clip hardware does rust, Crossbreed sells replacement hardware packs for a nominal fee of $3.00.  The MiniTuck arrives ready to be worn, but has become more comfortable with use.  That may be due to the holster breaking in, or me becoming more accustomed to wearing the holster.  It's probably a combination of both.

I think the base model MiniTuck, reviewed here, is a pretty good holster for the money.  Others must feel the same way because new holster orders placed on the Crossbreed website will ship in approximately two weeks.  That's not a bad wait for a holster made specifically for your handgun model.  It also indicates to me that Crossbreed must be doing things right for their holsters to remain in such high demand after 10 plus years of continuous production.

Crossbreed offers additional holster types and models for handguns and magazines on their website.  I'm sure they wouldn't mind if you stopped by and browsed around a bit.  If you do the Facebook thing, check out their Facebook page and subscribe to their Discounts and Promotions newsletter.   
The back of my holster had my name on it.  I've strategically covered it with the Crossbreed logo for photo purposes.