Monday, May 30, 2011

DB380 Update

After my initial postings about the Diamondback DB380, and subsequent range trips, some problems developed with the pistol.  Several of the ZA series of serial numbers had issues with the trigger failing to reset during firing.  Mine started having this problem just shy of the 200 round milestone.  The issue was infrequent and could not be repeated with any consistency.  Following the web traffic and range reports of others shows that subsequent ZB and ZC series serial numbered guns were much less problematic.  Internal components were updated by the manufacturer and many of the early teething problems were resolved.

I ended up getting a second DB380 from a local store.  The new ZC serial number series DB380 was a MS version with milled sights and a parkerized finish.  This series was done as a special run for a large sports store chain.  I think the milled sights are just fine for the intended purpose of this tiny 380.  Unfortunately, the folks at Diamondback have decided to discontinue the model.

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