Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Getting Ready for the DB9

In a previous post, I mentioned that Diamondback Firearms recently started shipping their new DB9 pistol.  The specs on this gun are pretty incredible when compared to their DB380 Freshman offering.  A weight of 11 oz with a max width of well under 1"?  Sign me up for one of those. 

Diamondback DB9
Weight 11 ounces
Height 3.86"
Length 5.75"
Slide Width 0.8"
Maximum Grip Width 0.8"
Frame Width 0.8"
Maximum Width 0.8"
Barrel Length 3.0"
Trigger Pull 5 pounds
Magazine Capacity 6+1

Diamondback DB380
Weight 8.8 ounces
Height 3.76"
Length 5.25"
Slide Width 0.758"
Maximum Grip Width 0.74"
Frame Width 0.748"
Maximum Width 0.76"
Barrel Length 2.79"
Trigger Pull 4.5 pounds
Magazine Capacity 6+1

Unlike with many other new pistol releases, the DB9 had a pocket holster available even before the gun was released to the public.  I was placing an order at my favorite on-line shootin' stuff seller, Midway USA, a couple of weeks ago and I noticed they had the Desantis Nemesis available for the DB9.  I had to add one to my order.

Over on the Diamondback Talk Forum, we've been getting updates from insiders at Diamondback on the shipping schedule.  The first batch of DB9's went out the door to distributors on 5/23.  I kept an eye open at several on-line dealers in a mad hope that one would be available and I would be lucky enough to snag one.  After dinner on 5/25, I was checking my mail and noticed that one of my on-line sellers had a DB9 listed as available.  I went through the order process and received my order confirmation.  I got one.  Nice.  Now I just have to wait until I get the call from my local FFL holder so we can process the transfer paperwork.

I plan to do a full rundown on the DB9 as I did on the DB380 when it was released last year.  I'll probably post my stuff exclusively on the blog time time around.

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