Sunday, June 12, 2011

Is The Great .380 Ammo Test Cursed?

I did get the chance to hit the range this morning and get started on the testing.  I wish I could tell you that I got it all done, but I can't.  A little bugaboo called the rain moved in and shut me down about 30 minutes after arriving at the range.  Looking outside now, it's bright and wonderful.  It never really rained hard, but the cloud cover and sprinkles were playing games with the CED M2 chronograph's ability to register the bullets traveling over the sensors.  The new M2 is a huge improvement over the one I had to send back.  This one should work out fine.

I did get 2 of the 22 varieties tested today, so I put them into the spreadsheet and finalized the format I'll use for reporting the rest of the samples.  When all ammos are done, I'll add a bullet energy calculation for each load so we can compare those as well as the 4 currently reported statistics.  I'm capturing more data for each sample string, but only reporting the following:
Hi = Highest velocity measured for the 5 shot string.
Low = Lowest velocity measured for the 5 shot string.
ES = Extreme spread of velocities measured across 5 shots.
Avg = The average velocity of the 5 shot string.
Click on the picture of the spreadsheet for a readable version.

Two down and 20 more samples to go.  Maybe next weekend will be more productive.

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