Friday, June 10, 2011

Update on DB9 Issues and Carry Impressions

I wanted to publish an update on the issues I experienced with my DB9 during my first trip to the range last week.

The first issue was the walking frame pin pictured below.  I called Diamondback on Tuesday and explained the issue.  As I expected they advised me to apply a tiny drop of Blue Loctite on the pin before pushing it back into place.  They were certain that would fix my issue and I have to agree that will be the case.  If you don't know about Loctite, it's basically the duct tape of the gun world and is used to keep a multitude of screws and pins from loosening or moving during the stress of firing.

I also reported an issue with failure to feed some varieties of hollow point ammunition.  I did some testing and measuring after my range trip and found something interesting. The DB9 was failing to feed when the combined length of the cartridge + the width of the bullet nose exceeded 1.307".  You can see it pretty clearly in the sheet below.

To the credit of the folks at DBF, they were all over this reported issue on Monday morning.  They determined that the root cause of the issue was shrinkage in the plastic magazine followers after they were molded.  New magazine followers are being made and will be sent to all current owners with feed issues and all unshipped DB9s will have the new follower installed before shipping from the factory.  My replacement follower left DBF on Friday June 10th.  I'll wait until the new follower is in hand before going back out to the range to retry the Federal HST and Speer Gold Dot.

I do have a CHL so I've tried to carry my DB9 as much as possible this week, which was actually an easy chore to accomplish.  This thing is just so small and light that it's no trouble or bother to have it along with you on your daily routine.  Custom holsters aren't available yet so I tried the Desantis Nemesis for the DB9 and the Blackhawk! #3 pocket holster.  The weights are the actual as carried weights including a full charge of ammunition.  Both holsters work fine, but I do like the closed muzzle end of the Blackhawk!.  I like the grip space of the Desantis, but it was made too short and the muzzle protrudes from the end of the holster where it becomes a pocket lint magnet.  We buy these pocket guns for their light weight so again the Blackhawk! comes out on top.

Conceal-ability is excellent in the front pocket.  I think many people get too hung up on "printing".  Seriously, how many times have you checked out someone's front pockets when you saw them walk by?  I know I don't.  The most visible feature in either holster is the magazine base plate.  It's the widest point on the grip and it does print a bit.  Otherwise it's out of sight and small and light enough to be almost out of mind as well.

As of 6/10/2011 it's impossible to find spare magazines for the DB9.  We've been told they should be available in about a month.  So I'll be keeping an eye open for them to start popping up on the Diamondback Firearms Web Store.

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