Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fun With Kydex Week 2

Last week, I updated the blog with some pictures and prose about my first attempt at kydex molding.  I mentioned that to finish the support side holsters, I needed some rivets and a setting tool.  All that arrived this week along with some leather and more Kydex, so today I attempted my first hybrid pocket holster for my DB9.  I also did some pretty intensive finish work on the support side holster.  Most of that was sanding and shaping.

The DB9 holster was a huge amount of work.  My press does great for sandwich holsters, but the single sided left much to be desired.  There is just no way for 1" of foam to properly conform to a pistol that's almost an inch thick.  I used my press to get a general outline, then used a heat gun and my gloved fingers to form the kydex to the pistol.  I would have given anything for access to a vacuum table this afternoon.  It would have saved me hours. 

Initially, I had planned to use a leather backer but I got these Bank of America mouse pads in an auction item I purchased and they just seemed perfect for the backer. It's rubberized on one side and super slick stiff plastic coated on the other. This is a right handed holster so the rubberized side help hold it in the pocket. Retention is fine and it sticks in the pocket on the draw. I'll be wearing this all week with an empty chamber just to be sure the trigger doesn't get actuated in my daily activities. It feels really good in the pocket.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how these turned out.  I definitely need to find a better solution for mounting the rivets.  I bought this thing off Ebay, and it did an OK job but I think a hand setter would have done a better job.

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  1. The correct sized rivet set and a drill are really hard to beat if you have dead blow hammer and a good way to back the work up.

    Your work look good for the second go-around. Just keep pluggin' away.