Sunday, October 23, 2011

Final Recap on the AR State Ruger Rimfire Challenge 2011

Back on October 2nd, I first mentioned my intent to participate in this event.  Initial Post  At that time I used a long range weather forcasting iPhone app called WT360pro to call up the Centerton, AR weather forecast for October 22.  The forecast told me low 70's and partly cloudy.  Well I have to say that forecast was right on.  We had great weather all day with clear skies in the morning and clouds that rolled in during the afternoon.  I'm still amazed by how accurate the long range forecasts are from this weather company.

The final scores were posted to the host organization website today.  Nighthawk Custom Training Academy  I was fortunate to have some really excellent shooters in my squad, including the High Lady Winner.  Cheryl Current was the High Lady winner and I just happened to shoot some video of her doing a few runs on one of the stages.  At the time, we had no idea she would win her class.

I ended up just north of middle of the pack.  I can't complain about that performance.  I did really well on the pistol stages, but gave up several spots during the rifle stages due to multiple failures to fire with my SR-22.  If my rifle didn't act up, I may have finished in the top third of the field.  Regardless, I had a great time at the event and am looking forward to participating again next year.

The folks at NCTA, that put on the event, did an excellent job.  Sure there were some things that could have run smoother, but for the first time hosting the event I think it went great.  This really was a family friendly shooting competition that was fun and accessible for novice, experienced, and even the sponsored shooters.

When it came time to give out the prizes, I really liked the way they did it.  Anyone that shot both rifle and pistol stages was guaranteed a prize and your shot at the prize table was done by random drawing.  Obviously, you wanted to be one of the first to the table.  I ended up near the end of the pack, but still got a great prize pack that contained $100 voucher for Warne Scope Mounting Products, a Ruger 22/45 magazine, Springfield Armory T-shirt, and some other little goodies from Brownells and Gunfun Shooting Targets.  I shot a quick video of the prize table.  It was loaded with great stuff for kids and adults.

 I happened to run into another event competitor when out to dinner tonight.  He also agreed that the event went really well and that it was a fun competition.  So kudos to Ruger for dreaming up the event and also to Nighthawk Custom Training Academy for putting out the effort to host the event.  My hero of the day is Geof Schroeder, who tirelessly entered in all 400+ scoresheets and put out the results recap.  You da man Geof!!!

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