Monday, October 10, 2011

Good Results at the Range

I did have a chance to get out to the range and do my preliminary sight in on my guns for the Ruger Rimfire Challenge coming up later this month.  I wanted to get both my pistol and rifle set, but the Range Master came along and told me that I couldn't shoot the rifle on the pistol range.  So, I only got one group done with the rifle but it was a large single hole group centered above point of aim so I'm not really concerned.  The pistol was a different story.  Since targets will be placed between 4 yards and 24 yards, I had to find a good zero that would have me on target for the close stuff, but still shoot close to point of aim for the longer range stuff.

I'm pleased with this set up.  The targets are 6" paper plates.  The real match targets will be 6", 8", and 10" steel plates.  The bottom target was shot at 8 yards - 5 rounds.  The middle target at 15 yards - 10 rounds.  The top target was shot at 25 yards - 5 rounds.  The majority of the targets will be set between 8 and 15 yards so the only real adjustment I need to make will be to hold high on the close in targets.  The rest should be right on with a center of target hold.

Unfortunately, it was very windy on Saturday and I didn't get to shoot many clays.  The wind was in my face so the targets were blowing off the hooks I had them resting on.  I did manage to shoot one bank for speed, but it didn't go very well.  I had them in close and I think I was shooting under them.  I'll have to remember to hold high on the targets the next time around.

I never did get a chance to get over to the rifle range.  It seems that everyone must be working on their deer rifles for the season.  There wasn't even a spot in the lot for me to park.  Worst case, I go to my fallback indoor range to get the rifle set up.  They have no problems with .22 rifles being shot in their pistol range.

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