Friday, October 21, 2011

Tomorrow is The Day

Tomorrow morning it's Ruger Rimfire Challenge day. Last Sunday I got the rifle sighted in and both guns are clean and ready to go. I'm charging the batteries on the video and SLR cameras so I can document the festivities tomorrow. It should be a good time. Really looking forward to the event.

On another subject, the blog went over 25,000 visits today. That's more than 5,000 visits a month. I really didn't know what to expect when I started the blog back in June. I think it's pretty neat that so many folks have stopped by to read through the blog. There's so much more to come. I just need to find the time to do my work and report my findings. Maybe it will get easier when winter gets here.

Velocity testing and terminal ballistics testing are the two big areas I really want to focus on.  I guess I'm just a numbers geek at heart or maybe I should have been a lab technician instead of going into business as a career.  A key component if the terminal ballistics testing is my catch box.  I made really great progress on building the box until I got to the point where I need to find someone with a router that can make 3 cuts for me.  I don't mind buying tools, but I've gone this long without a router so I think buying one for this project would be a waste.  Also, I'd like someone to do that job that knows how to use the router vs. me trying to learn on this expensive plastic stock.

I'm really pleased how this turned out.  After the routing cuts are done, I can get it glued together and start expansion testing more loads.  When finished, the bullet trap will be 46" long so I can definitely test FMJ penetration along with HP expansion.  I'll probably start with .380 and 9mm.  Maybe also do a head to head comparison on the 3 major maker's .38 Special +P 158 grain LSWCHP loads.  There is just so much I want to test and this trap will enable me to do as many tests per day as I care to do, but I have to get it finished first.

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  1. I'm excited to see your progress on the bullet trap. Really looking forward to those results. I loved the box o' truth when it came out, but they're not posting much anymore, and the stuff you're planning on is directly interesting for my carry plans.