Sunday, December 25, 2011

First Direct Communications with Heizer

With the holidays, I'm behind on my email so while my new GPS was getting a map update downloaded I scanned through what's accumulated this weekend.  I was pleasantly surprised to find a note from Heizer in response to my query about their new DoubleTap. 

Last week, I posted an update on the Heizer DoubleTap.  One thing that was interesting in the provided photos was that the barrels shown in the latest pictures did not appear to be rifled.  The blog from last week can be found here.  I shot a note over to Heizer and asked them about it and received a response from Ray Kohout himself this morning.  The DoubleTap pictured in the latest images was indeed a mock up and production barrels will be rifled.  He also answered my question about if it would be possible to co-mingle a 9mm and .45 ACP barrel in a single barrel set.  The answer was co-mingling would not be an option, which is fine since I wouldn't want that.  I was more interested in the option to port only the under barrel while leaving the over barrel sans porting.

From my shot gunning days, I learned that firing the under barrel causes the gun to rotate less since it's more in line with the center axis of the gun.  When shooting trap doubles, the under barrel is shot first to aid in getting to the second target as quickly as possible.  Ideally, with the DoubleTap it should discharge the lower barrel first before discharging the top barrel for the second shot.  I still think that porting only the bottom barrel would be a good option for getting back on target as fast as possible for the second shot.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas with their family and friends.  Happy New Year to everyone and Mouse Guns and Gear will see you next year.

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