Sunday, January 22, 2012

LaserLyte Side Mount Laser Review - Ruger LCP CK-AMF

I first heard about the new LaserLyte side mount laser a few months ago.  At the time, I didn't really play much attention to the buzz about the product because most chatter was focused on using the laser on Ruger LCPs and Kel-Tec PF9s.  I finally read a bit more about the laser and folks reporting good things about it, so I decided to check it out a little closer.  I found out that the side mount laser for the Ruger LCP would also fit the Kel-Tec P-32 so I decided to add one to a Midway USA order last week when I found out they were on sale for $74.99.  I had a $10 promo code so that also helped cover the shipping for my order.

The next three pictures show the laser in it's packaging as it was delivered along with my much loved Kel-Tec P-32 hard chrome over navy blue. 

I opened the package and read through the instructions and also spread out all the included pieces.  The laser unit comes with the two attachment pins, 4 hex allen wrenches, laser warning sticker, extra set of batteries, and a special shim to use if mounting the laser to a Kel-Tec frame.  I also had to round up some extra stuff to help with the installation.  I needed a 1/8" brass drift punch, bench block, and tap hammer.  My tools are in the second photo.
I glanced at my phone and started my install clock at 9:16pm.  I followed the included instructions and finished the installation at 9:30pm with some of that time taken up to take a few pictures as I worked.  This was a very easy installation that would probably take me 5 minutes now that I've done it once previously.  The finished product is shown below.


Two things that I really liked about the P-32 were the overall weight and size of the pistol.  It's just over 7 oz. empty and incredibly slim.  I had some concerns how those two things I liked about the pistol might change after installing the laser.  I've included some before and after shots of the weight and width of the pistol with and without the laser installed.

One other concern I had was if I would be able to use my existing holster for the P-32 after the laser was installed.  I was happy to see that I could use the same Desantis Nemesis holster after installing the laser.  The laser does add a bump to the side of the holster, but I seriously doubt anyone would notice it printing in your pocket.

I've told you what I like about the P-32, but I have not told you what I don't like about it.  I really don't like the zero contrast small sights that are machined into the slide.  The sights are fine for the pistols primary purpose of close range self defense scenarios.  I use this pistol as my primary test gun for checking velocity and terminal performance of various .32 ACP ammo.  I need to know exactly where the bullet will impact in my testing.  Adding this laser is a good solution to my sight problem.  The added benefit is that now I also have another sighting reference when I use this pistol for carry purposes.

While we are on the subject of carry with the laser attached, I made a short video demonstrating the draw and laser activation from both the right and left pocket.  Right hand draw and laser activation is pretty easy to learn.  I didn't have any issues at all with some test draws.  Since the laser sits on the right side of the gun, I also wanted to see if I could activate the laser with my thumb if I carried this pistol in my left pocket.  For me, left hand activation with the thumb was indeed possible, but somewhat awkward.  I really don't practice left hand drawing with any frequency as it's a rare occurrence for me to carry in the left pocket.


I planned on getting out to the range today, but while the temperatures are great the wind is really blowing and there is no chance I can keep my target stand from blowing away.  I may get over to the indoor range this week and see how well the laser holds it's zero through a box or two of shells.  I'm not overly concerned because the laser is currently regulated with the sights at 10 yards.  I think that's pretty amazing and a big confidence booster for this laser.
I like the laser so far.  Made in the USA, comes with a spare set of batteries, and super easy to install.  It also has a one year warranty so I should have plenty of time to complete my testing and evaluation before the year is up.


  1. How's this holding up? Like the idea of it for my PF9.

    1. Bought it about 18 months ago and it has quit.

  2. I just obtained a Ruger LCP with LaserLyte on it used. The gun/laser were from May of 2011 and other than having to re-zero the laser, it seems to have held up just fine. Gun shoots well and performs well in conjunction with this laser. Normally carry in an Uncle Mikes #2 pocket holster and all fits fine. Just got a belly band (on order) and hope this setup is as at home there as it is in the UM #2.

    So far, I am liking this laser and the laser LCP combination.