Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ted Nugent Signature Ammo

Earlier this morning I just stumbled on a new product announcement that made me stop in my web surfing tracks and do a bit more investigation.  Typically, I’m not a person that runs out to buy celebrity endorsed products like the Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Knife by Gerber.  I’m sure it’s a fine piece of kit, but I’ve never been super excited by products like this.  Today I read that Ted Nugent has been working with Pierce Munitions on his own line of hunting ammo that will carry his signature and endorsement.  Now this is a celebrity endorsed product I'm interested in.

From the Pierce website:

We Proudly present - Ted Nugent Hi-Performance Ammo

Gun rights crusader, musical legend and lifelong deerslayer, Ted Nugent - provides gungho serious hunters with killer hunting ammunition.

"I have always celebrated my hunting lifestyle. As the provider for my family, it is my responsibility and God-given duty to supply sustenance both physically and spiritually for my family and I take that very seriuosly." – Ted

I don’t want to be overly critical here, but the Pierce copy writer should fix the spelling error on the word seriously in Ted’s quote.

Pierce will be rolling an impressive list of 25 hunting cartridges under ‘The Nuge’ brand.  The low end starts with some heavy .357 Magnum loads and the upper end tops out with a hunting load in 50 BMG.  I can’t wait to find out what Ted will be hunting with that 50 BMG load.  Possibly the Great White Buffalo?  Their current list of offerings includes:
  1. .357 MAG 158g Speer® UPH
  2. .357 MAG 170g Speer® UHP
  3. 10mm 180g Speer® UHP
  4. .44 MAG 240g Speer® UHP
  5. .44 MAG 270g Speer® UHP
  6. .45 LC 250g Speer® UHP
  7. .223 36g Barnes® VGFB®
  8. .223 55g Barnes® TSX®
  9. .223 70g Barnes® TSX®
  10. .308 WIN 168g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  11. .308 WIN 180g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  12. .308 WIN 200g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  13. .30-06 168g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  14. .30-06 180g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  15. .30-06 200g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  16. .30-30 150g Barnes® TTSX®FN
  17. .243 WIN 62g Barnes® VGFB
  18. .243 WIN 80g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  19. .270 110g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  20. .270 130g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  21. .270 140g Barnes® TTSX®HPBT
  22. .300 WIN MAG 168g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  23. .300 WIN MAG 180g Barnes® TTSX®BT
  24. .300 WIN MAG 200g Barnes® TTSX®HPBT
  25. 50 BMG 647g Barnes® STSX®BT
The ammo is still in development and if you try to link to the Ted Nugent Ammo product page, it displays a banner that the website is coming soon so we have to assume the ammo will also be coming soon.

As I said earlier, I’m not a big fan of celebrity endorsed products, BUT in this case I’d buy this ammo. 

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