Monday, March 19, 2012

2012 Arkansas Ruger Rimfire Challenge State Match

Last October I participated in my first Ruger Rimfire Challenge match.  I did a blog post about it here.  I had a really great time and was looking forward to shooting it again in 2012.  I really thought it would be in the Fall like it was in 2011, but it has been moved to April 7, 2012.  I completed my registration at the end of February and can't believe it's almost April already.  I need to get out to the range and make sure my gear is up to snuff.  I think I learned a few things in October that should really help me this time around.

I really struggled with my SR-22 rifle in the 2011 match.  For some odd reason I was having all kinds of light strikes when shooting at speed.  A few months ago, I tore down the gun and installed a Volquartsen Custom TG2000 replacement trigger assembly after spending some time figuring out how to make it fit in the SR-22 receiver.  It's working well so expect no issues this time around.

I wasn't happy with the optic installed on my pistol so I changed out the Burris Fastfire II for a TRUGLOW 40mm Red Dot tube.  Even with practice, I was still having a hard time finding the dot in the Burris unit.  It's an excellent optic, but probably better for times when you aren't going for speed.  The TRUGLOW tube gives me a better point of reference as I bring the gun up and the dot is faster to acquire.  It's also a brighter and larger dot.

I also realized that I've changed the way I grip and shoot pistols now that I've learned the virtues of thumbs forward shooting.  The thumb rest grips on my Mark II are no longer necessary so I'll need to put the stock grips back on or see if I have a set of flat target panels in my parts stash.  Ideally, I'd like to replace the Hogue Wrap around with finger grooves and thumb rest with the same Hogue wrap around with finger grooves and no thumb rest, but Midway has them on sale and they are out of stock with a 4/12 back in stock estimate.  Just a bit too late for my 4/7 shoot.  I've put them on notification so if they arrive early, I'll get em.

Really looking forward to this event again.  Many thanks to the folks at Nighthawk Custom Training Academy for hosting the event again this year.  Also to Ruger for dreaming up and sponsoring this fun for all competiton.

 Aside from my gear changes, I'll be bringing my own chair and more cigars this time around.  I also hope to better my standings from top half of the pack to being in the top quarter for both pistol and rifle this year.  I better get practicing.  See you at the range!

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