Sunday, April 22, 2012

Another Range Trip With the Boberg XR9-S

After my first range trip with my XR9-S last weekend, I was really anxious to get out to the range and try it again.  The stars aligned and I was able to spend two hours out at the range this afternoon enjoying my Boberg.  Most of the time, I had the range to myself so I shot a little video to fill in some gaps that I was asked about after the first range video went up.

Today I blasted through 2 boxes of American Eagle 124 grain FMJ, a box of Sellier and Belloit Non Tox Police 115 grain JHP, 42 rounds of Remington Golden Saber Bonded 124 Grain +P, and half a box of Sellier and Belloit 115 Police FMJ.  The pistol felt like it ran much smoother than it did on the first trip.  I had no issues at all across the 200 or so rounds.

At my age, I should be wearing corrective lenses all the time.  I've got an astigmatism in both eyes and the lenses correct for distance vision.  Last year I got my first bi-focal prescription lenses due to my aging eyes.  My regular shooting glasses correct for distance.  Normally, when I'm away from the house, I'm not sporting my prescription glasses so today I introduced that into my shooting.  Instead of wearing my prescription shooting glasses, I grabbed a pair of Gargoyles with plano lenses.  I was pretty pleased that I could still get on target without my prescription glasses. 

I made another video that started out as a recoil comparison, but it grew the longer I stayed at the range.

This pistol is really growing on me and it's quickly becoming a favorite.

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