Friday, April 6, 2012

A Friday Off

Having a Friday off is like a gift.  Our son had school, but the wife and I were both off from work.  I let her sleep in and I got the little man up and off to school.  I had a great day planned.  The first couple of hours were spent drinking coffee and casting two more SIM-TEST blocks.  Then inside for the three Esses. 

I wanted to run by Harbor Freight and pick up the $9.99 digital caliper with the coupon from the NRA magazine, swing by Sturm's for one last sight in with my guns for the Ruger Rimfire Challenge tomorrow, and then drop by my local dealer and pick up my Boberg XR-9s that the USPS said would arrive on 4/6.

I got my Harbor Freight stuff.  I did my final sight in, and I'm glad I did because I left my red dot turned on when I last used my pistol so it was deader than dead.  Luckily, I had a spare battery.  Dropped by my dealer friend to oogle and transfer the Boberg, but it didn't arrive today.  I'm sure it will be in tomorrow, but I've got the day totally booked with the Rimfire Challenge.  So I'm SOL until Monday.

I really wanted to do the unboxing video this afternoon, but that ain't gonna happen.  When I finally do pick up the Boberg on Monday, I'll have to wait until the weekend to finally shoot it.  Confound you USPS for messing up my Friday!!!!!

One good thing that did happen was that the Brown Santa dropped off these new test ammo boxes yesterday.  So you can look forward to the Mouse Gun Ballistics test on them soon.  You guys that have been bugging me about DPX should be happy.

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