Tuesday, July 31, 2012

29,286......Not Dead Yet........

Since May, I've been watching my YouTube channel pick up speed.  By speed, I mean total video views and subscribers.  It made me start thinking about possibly backing off the blog and just focusing on making the videos instead of doing double work and keeping both going.  I had pretty much convinced myself that people really don't like to read as much as they like watching videos and the YouTube channel may pass the blog in lifetime views by the end of year.

Well....today I'm rethinking that idea.  Due to some nice "pick ups" by some widely read blogs (gunnuts.net), I ended up with just shy of 30,000 blog views this month.  To wrap a little perspective around that, June 2012 was my previous best month with just over 17,000 views.

July was an eventful month with the Sig 938 Review and a couple of ammo tests thrown in.  The Sig Review will be dragging into August since it is still with Sig for the second service visit.  I sent it out on the 17th, and still have not received my notice that it's done and on the way back to me.  I don't think it would be fair to anyone if I didn't report on the pistol's performance after it gets back.  The review needs closure.

I'm running low on ballistics test results to document.  It's been way too hot to work with SIM-TEST, but I've still got three tests left to publish.

I did pick up a very nice piece of kit this afternoon that's way outside the "Pocket Guns" category.  I'll probably work that into the blog because I'm sure it will be consuming my attention for a few weeks.

I also built some new target stands last weekend and I'd like to do a detailed parts list and a bit of how-to in case you guys want to try your hand at making some.  If you follow the blog and videos, you know I really struggle with target stands that blow over on me.  These should work out much better and be less prone to toppling.

The potential for another run on ammo has me spooked so I've done some stocking up to make sure I've got stuff to test.  I've been keeping a running list of stuff as it's come in on the Upcoming Test Schedule Page.  There are still a few holes in the .38 and 9mm stuff I want to test so if anyone has any Speer .38 +P 135 Grain Short Barrel or Winchester 9mm 147 Grain Ranger T-Series they can live without, please let me know.  357 Sig is also looking pretty slim.  I need to beef up that list a bit.

I did hear some good news earlier today about the facility where I do my ballistics testing.  The range has been in the process of going through some local legal issues brought on by local controls on business development.  Initially denied their development license by a local planning commission with an anti-gun bias, a grass roots support program was initiated with local folks that like to shoot and also NRA Support.  The appeals hearing was last night and the planning commission's business development denial was overturned.  I'm not sure how the petition and emails to the decision makers played into the result, but it was great to see that Reason can still prevail over Prejudice. 

So thanks for all the viewership and I hope you enjoy what's to come in the next few months.  There's a rumor floating around that I may even get a chance to shake out a Shield 9 and XDS 45 without actually having to go out and buy them.  I really hope that rumor turns out to be true.  I'd really like to review both of them.


  1. Glad to hear you reconsidered backing off the blog. I can understand not having all the time in the world to do every single thing you want to do, but I really enjoy your blog. The only thing I'd like to see changed it how it's organized. I don't really know how the blog back-end works, but it would be nice to see the reviews you've already done be organized onto separate pages and sorted, probably by caliber. If I want to go back and find a certain test, or to compare 2 different tests, it's difficult to sift through the current chronological format.

    1. Several months ago, I had the same idea so I started tagging my blog posts with Labels. Under the Remora Ad below you can find the Topix Cloud. Click on "9mm Ballistics Tests", and only those blog posts come up. You can also search the blog with the search function in the right hand column. All this is available on the PC. Not sure if these features are available when viewing with mobile hardware.