Friday, July 6, 2012

The P938 Goes Home

Over the last week, I gave the Sig Sauer P938 a pretty thorough shake out.  It's all been documented on previous blog posts and 4 YouTube videos.  After my last trip to the range I gave Sig Customer Service a call and let them know about my issues.  They promptly issued a RMA and sent me the FedEx shipping label.  With the 4th of July Holiday, I didn't have the chance to drop off the package with FedEx until yesterday.  It arrived at Sig about an hour ago.

Along with the pistol, I sent along this photo document for the gunsmith to work from.  I'm glad I took so many photos and kept specific notes along the way.  It made pulling the documentation together pretty easy.  They projected a two week turn around on the service so I'll let you all know when it returns and how each of these issues were addressed.  I miss my 938 already........

1 comment:

  1. Attaching the "hole in the finger" shot has got to draw some attention to that trigger. It's awesome that you included it! LOL! I can't wait till you get it back. I'm excited for you.