Saturday, September 15, 2012

Range Cleaning Kit

Feeling very proud of myself for putting together this new organized cleaning kit for my bench, I decided to turn my attention to putting together a basic maintenance kit for my range bag.  My goal was a scaled down version of my bench box that had all the essentials I would need to fully clean and lubricate any pistol I might have out on the range on any trip.  I decided to include the following items in the kit.
Cabela's Pistol Cleaning Kit with 5 brushes, sectioned cleaning rod, jag and hollow storage handle.
2 Sizes of Cleaning Patches
Oodles of Q-Tips
Small head nylon kids toothbrush
1oz FrogLube CLP
Sample Size bottle of Militec1

I took a quick trip over to Walmart and found this nifty Plano Stow-away dry box.  It was just the right size to hold all my stuff, and if something should leak it would stay contained within the box.  I flexed the number of Q-tips and patches to fill the box and keep the stuff from rattling around in the box. 

The kit might look pretty big in the picture above, but the picture below gives you a better idea of how small the kit really is.  It fits right into the front pocket of my range bag or in the side cargo pocket on my pants.  Sweet. 

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