Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Clear Ballistics Gel Testing Update

Just over a month ago, I decided to switch my ballistics testing media from SIM-TEST to Clear Ballistics Gel.  Due to the expense and learning curve associated with the change, it really wasn't an easy decision for me, but in the end I decided to give it a try.  The promises of being able to see into the block, re-usability, and the ability to get repeatable and predictable test results in any weather conditions were just too good to pass up.

Generally, I've been really pleased with the gel.  Readers and viewers of the gel tests have also come to appreciate the enhanced in block visibility that the gel provides.  Some folks have a little heartburn that I have eliminated the denim from my testing in order to keep the gel blocks pure, but I have my own plans for a new bullet torture test that I am working on with the clear gel.

I ran some initial bullet torture tests and got some explosive results that I am still trying to puzzle through.  You can expect those tests to be published in the next few weeks. 

I personally think one of the most informative new data points that I can capture from the gel is the expansion characteristics of the bullet.  In the video below, I describe the artifacts (wound channel) left in the block as the bullet travels through and what I think they mean.  If you buy into my description and explanation, then you can appreciate the new information.

I asked the team at Clear Ballistics if they could do anything on pricing for blog readers that wanted to try their hand at terminal testing.  I would love to see more people get involved with terminal testing and publishing their results.  I get requests coming in all the time to test this or that ammo brand, weight, and caliber in various length barrels.  The sad truth is I will never get around to testing everything I want to test.  I think the Clear Gel could be used by anyone with a desire to learn more about how their ammo behaves in their specific firearm.  The team at Clear Ballistics have set up a special 5% off discount code for readers of the Pocket Guns and Gear blog.  If you enter "PGAG" at the time you place your order, the discount will be applied.  Down at the bottom on the blog you will find a banner ad linked to their website and also the discount code.

As for my future testing goes, I think I have enough gel tests under my belt to feel comfortable with the test results matching up pretty closely to 10% Ordnance Gel across all calibers that I typically test.  I've decided to do some back tracking and re-test the ammo that previously tested well in SIM-TEST.  I actually started on the re-testing last weekend with a .32 ACP test.  I plan to work my way forward through 380, 9mm, 40, and 45 with a brief detour into 357 and 38.  That should keep me busy for the next few years.

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  1. Great testing Im really loving the Clear gel.. so much easier to work with...