Thursday, October 11, 2012

Heizer Defense DoubleTap Delay Explained

Fresh from my email in-box.  Sent from Laura Burgess Marketing, who has been doing the PR for Heizer.  At least now we know a bit more about why the DoubleTap has been delayed.  Based on this, I don't think I'll be reviewing the DoubleTap in 2012.  That's too bad that now production spin up has to start from zero again.

If anyone has some additional facts or details on what's going on, feel free to let me know.  I'm off to check out the new DoubleTap website.  The new website resolves to a parked GO DADDY url.  I guess we'll have to wait a bit for the new website.

Ray may surprise us all here, but I have big doubts that any US maker has the excess capacity required to take on the DoubleTap.  With another election looming and folks remembering the insanity of 4 years ago, I'm skeptical that the manufacturing can be moved and ramped up in a timely manner.

Thinking back on how this all played out over the last year it really makes me wonder what the heck happened to change the landscape from initial manufacturing estimates of 12,000 pistols a month to now shopping for a new factory.  Maybe more details will emerge, but the end result is maybe a couple dozen production prototypes floating around and no hope for more unless a new production facility can be found.  Bummer.


  1. Replies
    1. Ruger was the first one to come to mind for me too. Great minds must think alike. My concern is Ruger doesn't have the capacity. I think they are balls to the wall with demand for just their own stuff. The Ti model is also going to be a consideration. How many titanium pistols are there on the market? That further limits the number of firms that could do the production.

  2. Ruger does the titanium investment casting for Callaway golf clubs.

    I doubt they would be interested in a product as "out there" as the Double Tap though...