Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Wish List Update - Boberg XR9-L

Last August, I posted an article about the next Boberg XR9 variant in the development pipeline and how Arne Boberg orchestrated a multi-day interactive design session on his Boberg Arms web forum.  It was a really great experience to participate as part of that ad-hoc design team.  You can read all about that experience HERE.  Spin the calendar ahead about 5 months and now we're up to the present day.

The Boberg XR9-L. or long slide version of the original XR9-S, is now available for pre-order on the Boberg Arms website.  The marketing sheet for the XR9-L reads as follows.  I've borrowed everything below from the Boberg website.

"The XR9-L is truly the finest pocket pistol money can buy, representing the pinnacle of performance, accuracy and low recoil via an exclusive "mid-buffer" that absorbs the very harsh jarring normally caused by the barrel stopping against the frame. The pistol comes with an integrated Picatinny rail to support several commercial lasers and flashlights. Using select 9mm +P ammunition, this pistol generates  over 500 Ft-Lbs of muzzle energy with felt recoil similar to a .380 ACP. Using standard-pressure 9mm ammunition, the XR9-L produces felt recoil similar to .22 LR.

Includes: 1 Pistol, 2 Magazines, Carry Case, Safety Lock
Caliber: 9mm / 9mm+P
Length: 5.95”
Height: 4.2”
Width: 0.96”
Weight: 18.5 oz with magazine
Barrel Length: 4.2”
Capacity: 7+1
Action: Rotating-Barrel Locked-Breech
Sights: Low-Profile, Dovetail Windage
Sight Radius: 5.25"
Trigger Pull: 7.5 lb DAO (standard)
Safeties: 2"

On top of what is posted on the Boberg website, I will add that the XR9-L is available for pre-order in all three finish options currently available for the XR9-S.  There is the all black Onyx edition, nickel/chrome Platinum edition, and the standard Two-tone edition with black frame and natural stainless slide.

For me, the two most attractive new features of the XR9-L are integrated recoil reduction buffer and longer sight radius.  I find the XR9-S to be soft shooting with 9mm +P ammo so I can only imagine what a treat it will be to shoot the XR9-L.  The rail is a nice feature, but I would have preferred forward slide serrations instead of the rail, but I lost out during the design session.  Others may like the overall look of the XR9-L better than the XR9-S.  I have to admit that the XR9-L is starting to look sexy with the bevel on the front of the slide and the increased slide length.  The extra length gives it a more balanced look.  

You may be wondering why it appears that I'm just rehashing old blog posts since I reported quite a bit of this information back in mid-November on this Blog Post.  The difference this time is that earlier today I took delivery of an XR9-L from my local dealer.  It's a T&E copy (notice the BAX serial number prefix) that was sent to me to "evaluate and enjoy".  I can't pass up the chance to review it too, so I shot a short video comparing the XR9-S and the XR9-L.  It will probably be the weekend before I can get out and do a range review on the pistol so this will have to suffice for now.  I made sure to point out the significant differences and similarities between the two versions in the video.

I really can't wait to get out to the range and give it a try.  I've had great results with the XR9-S and it has really helped me progress in both shooting speed and accuracy.  As I'm starting to turn away from pocket carry in favor of IWB carry, it seems logical that I should migrate to the XR9-L as part of that transition.

By the way, if you are heading out to the SHOT Show, feel free to visit Arne Boberg in booth 2827.  I'm sure he, and the rest of the Boberg Team, would love to meet you and show you their innovative firearms.    

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  1. You lucky dog Bruce. Definitely looking forward to your review as mine is 6-8 weeks out.