Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Another Boberg XR45-S Update

Just noticed the XR45-S exploded parts diagram is up on the Boberg Forum.  Had to grab it and let you all have a look.  It appears to be virtually identical to the XR9-S diagram included in the manual, but I did notice some additions and deletions from the XR9-S diagram.  One thing that jumped out at me is the hole in the barrel appears to be a good 10th of an inch wider.  =)

I promised to keep you updated as things developed.  I wish I had more info for you, like a potential availability date, but it's still too early for that. 

If you are on Facebook, I'm sure Arne and his team would welcome a "Like" from you.  You can find them here.  Boberg Arms on Facebook.

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