Sunday, April 14, 2013

Surefire LED Upgrade Review - Malkoff Devices M60F from Elzetta

Many years ago, I purchased my first tactical flashlight.  While I had known about the Surefire brand for many years, I never took the plunge and bought one.  That changed back in 2006 when I took delivery of a C3 Centurion. 

At the time, the C3 Centurion was state of the art tactical light technology from Surefire.  The P90 bulb module put out a blinding 105 lumen beam and boasted a 1 hour run-time with 3 CR123 batteries.

I happened to be at a Bass Pro Shops store a few years later and purchased the P91 bulb upgrade listed at 200 lumen with a 20 minute run-time.  All was right in the world.....

Then I purchased my first LED tactical light and everything changed.  I won't go into the incandescent to LED technology transition other than to say it's second only to the VHS to DVD transition in my mind.  I'll sum it up in three words....major technology shift.

Last year, I found myself with a hand-full of really good LED Tactical Lights and one dinosaur from the incandescent days.  At the time of purchase the Surefire C3 wasn't cheap.  It was state of the art and a very rugged light, but now made impractical by technology advancement.  I really liked the form factor and battery capacity of the light, but felt limited by the performance of the incandescent illumination technology.

Enter Elzetta and the Malkoff LED Module.  The Malkoff LED Module offered an upgrade path for the C3 Centurion that would allow me to keep the Centurion in service and also leverage the LED technology advancement.  Elzetta uses the Malkoff LED Modules in their own excellent line of lights.  They also offer the Malkoff LED modules individually as an upgrade for Surefire lights.  I decided to purchase the M60F flood light upgrade module.  The image below shows the upgrade path I took with the C3 and what was gained with light output and run-time.  The Malkoff LED replacement light modules are literally drop in replacements for the Surefire lights.

I decided to go with the 20 degree flood light module because it was very different than the typical focused tactical light with limited spill.  The following 3 photos show the differences between the 3 light modules from a distance of 2 feet.

The M60F flood light module is really pretty awesome.  You can literally light up an entire large room with this light.   I keep this light readily at hand in case things go bump in the night and I need to get up and investigate what's going on.  The combination of the C3 Centurion with Malkoff M60F floodlight module and a Glock 21 mounted Streamlight TLR-2s weapon light provides me with a multitude of tactical lighting options.

If you have an older Surefire incandescent tactical light that you would like to update with LED technology, I would definitely recommend the Malkoff lighting modules available from Elzetta.  The Malkoff LED module cost me about $65 and will pay for itself over time through more efficient use of expensive CR123 batteries.  The added functionality of the wide spill flood light is an added bonus.

I decided to make a short video to show just how fast and easy it is to upgrade your existing Surefire light to LED with the Malkoff Devices LED module.  It really is fast and simple.


  1. This is an awesome upgrade for the Surefire lights. My old Surefire lived in a drawer for years until I replaced the light module with Malkoff module. Now the Surefire/Malkoff is in the night stand or in my on-the-road bag.

    1. Thank you for sharing. This is a very good module. Now they are unfortunately not in production, but I found one for my Z2