Friday, May 3, 2013

Beretta Pico Launched at the NRA Show

This little switch barrel gem just shot up to the top of my wish list.  Kudos to Beretta for filling the gap in their pocket pistol lineup with a real pocket 380 Auto to go along with their 22 LR and 32 Auto Cats and the 9mm Nano.

Richard at Guns Holsters and Gear has done an excellent job telling us all about the Pico.

I'm a nut for any pistol that can be converted to run more than one caliber.  It's a handy feature if you do ammunition testing.  Not sure how they can pull that off with just a barrel swap, but I'm dying to find out.  The large sights are also a big plus for me as most pistols in this class don't have them.

Go read what Richard has to say about the Pico. 


  1. Hi I am in the market for a .380 and have been mostly considering the Kahr P380, but this Beretta has caught my eye as well.

    How has your P380 functioned for you? Do you carry it?

    1. My P380 works really well and I do have it in the rotation.