Sunday, February 16, 2014

Lucky Shot "Real Bullet" Novelty Products Review

I'm a big fan of re-purposing things.  Sometimes you just can't find what you want in a store so you have to get creative and make what you want out of other items you have laying around.  You have all seen the pointer I use for my ammo test gel block debriefings.  Its made from a spent 30-06 brass case, plastic pick up stick, and a dollop of silicone sealant.  It is perfect for my needs and several folks have commented about it so at least a few of you think it's pretty cool.  

Lucky Shot products has a fairly extensive line of jewelry and novelty items made from re-purposed ammunition components.  The Lucky Shot brand is owned and operated by 2 Monkey Trading, LLC, which is a family run business.  All of their products are designed and produced in central New York State.   Typically, I'll politely decline opportunities to review things that aren't directly related to the blog, but I really liked the Lucky Shot products and they had some items that I would actually use on a daily basis.

Lucky Shot offers two bottle openers in their lineup.  Both openers are made with reprocessed Lake City brass and reloaded with new bullets.

The keychain .308 model bottle opener comes pre-drilled with a large split ring attached.  In my fairly extensive testing, I didn't find a bottle cap that it couldn't open.  =)

The table model opener is based on a 50 Caliber cartridge.  It's an impressive opener that's sure to disappear if you leave it out unattended at your next party. 

Both openers would be great gifts for the shooting enthusiast. 

The 50 Caliber BMG Pen is also made from a reprocessed brass case, but the bullet has been drilled through so any standard BIC style ink pen insert can be used.  I found the pen quite easy to write with.  The pen comes with a sturdy fabric pouch for those that plan to take their pen on the road.  My pen now lives on my terminal testing work table so I will always have a pen handy when I need to jot down recovered weights, expanded diameters, or penetration depths.

All items featured in this review have been treated with a protective coating to keep them from tarnishing.  With heavy use, any tarnish on the brass, or bullet, can be quickly buffed away with common brass polish.  Lucky Shot warns on the 50 Caliber Pen packaging "the dummy novelty bullets strongly resemble live ammunition and should not be taken were live ammunition would not be permitted".  That sounds like good common sense guidance to me. 

Lucky Shot products can be ordered directly from the Lucky Shot website, and a limited selection can be found on Amazon.  If you do the Facebook thing, I'm sure they would appreciate a LIKE from you on their Facebook Page.   

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