Monday, September 22, 2014

A 9mm Ruger LCR - Yes Please!

Long story short, I missed my chance to purchase a 9mm revolver back when Smith was making them.  I opted for the 38 Special revolver instead.  If you know how 940 Centennial prices have progressed over the last 20 years, you know what a goof up that was on my part.

I never did get my 9mm revolver, but still would like to have one someday.  I came close to picking up a used SP101 9mm from a local store once, but it didn't have a box or moon clips with it.  I always thought the LCR platform would be a great fit with the 9mm.  Now Ruger has delivered, and I guess I better start saving my money to buy one.

The specs are up on the Ruger website.  Not sure why, but it's listed as the heaviest of all the LCRs.  Maybe that's just a typo.  It's also listed with an MSRP that's $70 more than the .38 Special +P LCR.


  1. Agreed- I am on this when I see one. Thoughts on short barrel effect on muzzle velocity?

    1. Difficult to offer a guess at the moment. Short barrel revolver ballistics continue to surprise me. I never thought the Taurus M380 would achieve velocities similar to the Kahr P380, but it does. I really thought the very short barrel on the Taurus View would have a bigger impact on velocity than it actually does. I'm hoping for another surprise with the LCR 9mm.

  2. Heavier because of steel vs. aluminium

  3. Check out the Gunblast review. He is seeing the about 20fps less velocity compared to the 3 inch KelTec on the LCP.

  4. Just waiting for a 3 inch LCRx in 9mm for the perfect trail gun!!!