Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Springfield XD Redesign Update

Last week I mentioned that Springfield Armory started a teaser campaign for their revamped XD line of pistols.  Photos have been trickling in via email updates and after a week I think it's time for some big bold predictions.

From the pictures, the most telling changes are the changes to the sights, slide profile, and grip frame.

The new sight system appears to a hybrid set up with the fiber optic front from the XDs Series and the serrated square corner rear from the XDm Series.

We can see the slide profile has lost the squared corners and looks more XDm in profile.  Slide serrations are still vintage XD, but the rear set has lost the lower serrations.

We know very little about the changes to the grip frame, but the lead photo gives me some hope that a new grip texture is coming.  If you look just above the thumb in the first picture you can see a swoosh that extends into the beavertail.  That is a totally unique feature not found on the XD, XDm, or XDs series of pistols.

Finally, we can see the new slide carries a ".2" stamping on the slide.  To me this indicates a significant series of changes and possibly a name change to XD.2 for this new series.

I'm still hoping for a redesigned Picatinny standard rail and a Tactical 5" model in .357 Sig  available at launch time.  If those wishes come true, you can bet I'll be down at my local shop filling out my transfer paperwork. 

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  1. Haha that second picture cracks me up with the tiny pistol image!

    Keep us informed Bruce! Springfields are wonderful pistols.