Sunday, December 7, 2014

Don't Settle For A Tie. Ask For the 2015 Ballistics Calendar

Yes, it's that time of year again when spouses and children start asking for Dad's Christmas list.  I'm not a fan of the annual ritual, but I've learned from experience that failure to come up with a list can lead to gifts like socks, ties, and sweaters ending up under the Christmas tree with my name on them.  I've also learned that if I can keep the list small and fill it with affordable items there is a really good chance I'll get most of them.   

Nathan Boor is a friend of the blog, and also the owner of Aimed Research.  You may remember his guest blog post on high-speed ballistics imaging from June 2013.  Nathan captures some really cool high-speed stills and video in the pursuit of his work.  Aimed Research has a YouTube channel showcasing some of Nathan's work.

Just in time for holiday gift giving, Nathan  has published a 2015 calendar with some of his best high-speed images.  Most of the images in the calendar were captured at 1/2,000,000th of a second.  I'm always amazed how professional high speed cameras can crisply capture a bullet traveling at more than 850 miles per hour as it leaves the barrel of a firearm.  Nathan includes high-speed images from rifle, shotgun, and handgun in the 2015 calendar.

The 12 month spiral bound calendar is printed in full color and measures 8.5" x 11".  Calendars can be ordered directly from the printer ( at this website.  Additional information, and more sample images, are available on the calendar ordering page.  The cost is $14 plus shipping and tax according to the website.  Get one on your list while there's still plenty of time for delivery before the holidays.   

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