Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Walther PPK/S 22LR Review

The 24 ounce fully loaded weight of the PPK/S 22LR makes
 it a very handy carry companion.
Hey folks, some of you may be aware that I started a new blog and YouTube channel dedicated to rimfire firearms, ammunition, gear, and competition late last year.  My primary reason for doing this was to keep Pocket Guns and Gear focused on center fire firearms and ammunition while giving myself another outlet for my rimfire related interests.  I realized there would be occasional topics covered on The Rimfire Channel blog that would be of interest to readers of Pocket Guns and Gear.  This is the first of those topics.

I recently completed a review of the Walther PPK/S 22LR pistol.  Since it's a rimfire handgun, the review is up on The Rimfire Channel blog. You can follow this link to the review.  I've also included the review video below.

As I worked on the review, my thoughts went to the many YouTube comments, emails, and Facebook messages I have received seeking my recommendations on handguns for those with arthritic hands and wrists.  I found the PPK/S 22LR to have little recoil, even less muzzle flip, and a very soft recoil spring that made manipulating the slide very easy.  Reliability and accuracy were on par with the best small 380 and 9mm handguns I have previously reviewed.  If you find recoil painful and intolerable with small centerfire cartridges, the PPK/S 22LR may be a pistol for you to consider.

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  1. Posting a comment on behalf of Ed Harris who had a bugger of a time trying to post this. Appreciate the tenacity Ed.

    Agree that having a spare .22 LR pistol which resembles your daily carry is useful for inexpensive practice. In many parts of the world .22 LR ammo may be the only ammo you can readily find without going through black market sources which might attract unwanted attention. Having an extra .22 handgun helps you conserve a limited supply of centerfire defense rounds by using the .22 where the smaller caliber is adequate to establish a deterrent and let threats know that you are armed, and help you gain time, distance and shielding to escape from a threatening area without engaging.

    Whenever using a low-powered firearm, accurate shot placement and rapid execution of multiple hits is needed to make up in part for their reduced kinetic energy and penetration. Having multiple loaded mags and reliable ammunition is vital. No hollowpoint .22 LR I have tested will expand reliably when fired from barrels of less than 6 inches. Hollowpoint ammunition is also more prone to jam in automatics, so my advice is to avoid it entirely. Use only high velocity solids. Avoid bulk packed promotional ammo, such as that sold at Walmart, unless to restrict it to practice only, so that you become proficient in malfunction clearing drills. I buy CCI Blazer for practice and CCI Mini Mag solids for field and carry. Federal, Remington and Winchester .22 LR ammo of current manufacture has given me spotty performance. The only foreign brands I have found reliable are RWS, Fiocchi and Eley.

    I gave up on micro .22s and sold my Walther THP and used the proceeds to buy a pair of Ruger LCPs in .380 and a bunch of magazines.

  2. I bought this pistol last year so that my wife can learn the basics of gun handling & shooting. Although not THE best choice, the pistol has been 100% reliable as long as we use good quality high velocity ammo. Together we have put around 1000 rounds thru it & the only hiccup was when using cheaper ammo such as Agulia & federal. When I say "hiccup" I mean simple failures to extract, standard ammo is not powerful enough to work the slide properly. My only complaint is that horrible DA trigger, however single action is nice & crisp... Overall we both really like the pistol & plan on keeping it for a long time as a plinker for the trail or for .22 plinking matches at the range...

  3. Thanks for a great post. FYI, they make a BB gun replica of Walther. Great for training, drawing, point and shoot etc. If you ever get a chance, get a Phoenix HPA 22. I bought one on a whim and it surprised the heck out of me. The little sucker shoots non stop with any standard ammo I feed it. Ended up getting a second one. Use it for point and shoot training. Very accurate as well. Have gotten to the point were I can shoot 6-9 3inch pastors in rapid fire. And for around $120.00 you can't beat it. Going to gun show this weekend. Hopefully they have the Walther. Thanks for the review as always you do a fantastic job. Always very interesting.

    1. Yeah those bb pistols are neat, but I'm not a fan of CO2 cartridges. I always feel like I'm "on the clock" when I use one. I think this might be a better video link. It has a review of the pistol vs. just the mod to the CO2 screw.