Sunday, June 25, 2017

Photo Host Problem

It appears that Photobucket has decided to curtail my photo hosting privileges as of yesterday.  They now want $399.99 annually to restore that service.  I had been paying $24.99 a year since upgrading to their Plus package several years ago.

I've had a rocky road with Photobucket over the years.  When my plus plan renewal came due in June, I decided not to renew because I was only using 5% of my storage allocation.  I was really disappointed with upload speed and how long it took to save edited pictures.  Also, as a content developer it would have been nice to see ongoing updates to their photo editing tools.

Year to date, the blog has made about $115 from ad revenues.  I just can't justify continuing to spend money out of pocket to support keeping Pocket Guns and Gear up and running as a source of reference information.  The words and YouTube linked videos will remain, but the photos are gone.

Sorry for the ugliness of the blog, but I won't cave to outrageous price increases like this.