Sunday, June 25, 2017

Photo Host Problem

It appears that Photobucket has decided to curtail my photo hosting privileges as of yesterday.  They now want $399.99 annually to restore that service.  I had been paying $24.99 a year since upgrading to their Plus package several years ago.

I've had a rocky road with Photobucket over the years.  When my plus plan renewal came due in June, I decided not to renew because I was only using 5% of my storage allocation.  I was really disappointed with upload speed and how long it took to save edited pictures.  Also, as a content developer it would have been nice to see ongoing updates to their photo editing tools.

Year to date, the blog has made about $115 from ad revenues.  I just can't justify continuing to spend money out of pocket to support keeping Pocket Guns and Gear up and running as a source of reference information.  The words and YouTube linked videos will remain, but the photos are gone.

Sorry for the ugliness of the blog, but I won't cave to outrageous price increases like this.



  1. I got fed up with Photobucket ages ago, but I was just using it to host scaled down images for forum posts. Sorry to hear about your difficulties here, as I've really enjoyed the blog, being a bit of a mousegun addict myself. I know you haven't had any updates on a while, but I still go back to re-read some of your reviews at times.

    Related, I have ordered a S&W Shield in .45 ACP, and it should be at my dealer this afternoon, and I'm picking it up tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting my mitts on that little cannon.

  2. Thank you for all of your hard work and your contributions to the learned knowledge of all of us!

  3. PSA - if you want to see the picture(s), just right click on it and select the open image in new tab or window. It will load the picture on photobucket's site. As an alternative, imgur can be used for picture linking for free.

    On a different note, I'm also waiting on a Shield in 9mm. It's in gun jail and will be picked up on July 10th.

  4. Have you considered getting a patron page? Ypu could get additional revenue there, I like your content and would be happy to pay. Especially if there would be new content.

    1. Yes, I have considered a Patron page. Initially considered it last year, and again in April 2017 when YouTube ad revenues dropped to 20% of previous levels. My goal was always to get the blog to self-supporting status from whatever ads where placed on the page/videos by Adsense. Ideally, this would allow people viewing the content to support the blog through their views. I still believe this is the right approach and hope things will get better as time goes by. If it gets better, I'll start posting new content again.

      I also believe direct financial support of the blog should come from manufacturers and retailers of products reviewed/discussed on the blog, not from people reading and viewing the content.

  5. I think I have found a fairly simple way to fix the problem. After transferring the images to a new service, the urls can be updated with some javascript added to blogspot as long as the filenames at the end of the url are the same.

    1. Choose the blog to update.
    2. In the left menu, click Theme.
    3. Under “Live on Blog,” click Edit HTML.
    4. Add this javascript.

    img_list = document.getElementsByTagName('img');
    for (i=0; i<img_list.length; i++) {
    var img = img_list[i];
    if (img.src.match(/ {
    img.src = img.src.replace(
    new RegExp('^.*/'),

    5. Click Save theme.

    1. Thanks. I'm still shopping for photo hosts.

  6. I didn't knew about it thanks for shotout !

  7. allows 3rd party hosting for FREE!
    I just dumped my photobucket account & switched to Imgur