Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Unique Opportunity to Review A Heizer DoubleTap

Two months ago I heard about a new firearm from Heizer Firearms called the DoubleTap.  My first post about it was published on October 15th and much more information has come out from Heizer over the last two months.  I've been following Heizer on Twitter and I know they also have a Facebook page if you are interested.  A little after my first post about Heizer, I was contacted by their PR Team about taking part in their early release testing and review cycle.  Needless to say, I was flattered and jumped on the opportunity to be part of that group.  I really enjoy putting together my reviews for the few I've done, but being 100% self funded without any commercial support usually involves paying "out the nose" for a new model if I'm lucky enough to track one down.  This arrangement with Heizer definitely takes that pressure off me.

Late last week, I checked in with the folks at Heizer to see if I had "made the cut" and had a spot on their Testing and Evaluation list.  It was great to hear back and learn that I was indeed on the list.  At this point there isn't a confirmed date for delivery, but I have a feeling that it will probably be some time after the annual NSSF SHOT Show in January.  It's also up the air as far as which model with be provided for evaluation. 

When I was confirming my opportunity to participate in an early review, I was given a pair of new pictures to share with you all.  The first image shows a cut-away view of the DoubleTap.  The next two images come from the Heizer Facebook photos.  The second two pictures are more exciting because they show an actual cut-away DoubleTap with .45 ACP barrels installed and a spare set of what appear to be 9mm barrels.  You can also see the two finish variations of black and something similar to Ruger's Target Gray.

The second provided image shows a DoubleTap with the aluminum frame.  With the aluminum frame being 2 ounces lighter than the titanium frame, and retailing for about $200 less than the Ti version, I bet these become to fastest selling models offered.  Not sure about you, but I think it looks pretty darn sexy.

When looking at this picture in full size and expanding it a little, the bore appears to be smooth and without rifling.  I've asked the PR group about that, but I may go to the source with that question.  I've also been thinking about the porting a bit more and it's really only needed for the first shot to help recover for the second shot.  If given the option, I would really like to get a set of .45 ACP barrels with only the first shot barrel ported and the second shot barrel without ports.  This would allow me to velocity test both barrel types and still test the recoil reduction offered by the porting.  In the real world usage scenario, first shot barrel porting will be the one that matters as it allows for faster recovery for the second shot.  Second shot barrel porting isn't needed for shot recovery and would only reduce velocity from the second shot.  

The last picture was an early promotional photo that shows a DoubleTap .45 ACP along with an iPhone.  When I saw this image, I pretty much made up my mind that I had to have a DoubleTap.  I NEVER leave my house without my iPhone.  You can figure out the rest.

I've read that holsters in nylon and leather are in the works with their various makers so there must be some dummy guns floating around out there now.  I'm sure Alan at Remora could whip something up quickly if I asked him to take a shot at it.  

So stay tuned for any updates.  I'm really excited about the opportunity and it's lit a fire under me to finish up my bullet catcher so I can do some terminal ballistics testing with the 3" barrels that the DoubleTap comes with.  It will be interesting to compare velocities and terminal performance from the DoubleTap with that of a 3" barreled 1911.  The DoubleTap may just be the perfect back up for those that typically carry a .45 ACP as their primary.

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