Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another Range Trip with the XR9-S

I had a chance to head over to a local range on Saturday and spend some more quality time with the Boberg XR9-S I received about 3 weeks ago.  There was nothing happening at the range so I decided to shoot in one of the new mega bays instead of squeezing into one of the bays with the props left over from a previous shoot.  My primary objective was to do some ballistics tests, but I also made time to run another 100 rounds through the Boberg.

I had this section of the range to myself so I thought I would try some different shooting techniques that included movement, shooting from the draw, point shooting, and finally some long range shooting at an interesting target. 

I'm now over 500 rounds through the XR9-S and I'm really very pleased with my purchase.  I'll continue to practice with it and may report back at the 1000 round mark and let you know if I've had any issues and if I've gotten any better shooting it.

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