Friday, May 18, 2012

Heizer DoubleTap Update

As quarter 1 came and went without the release of the DoubleTap from Heizer Defense, people were asking me what was up with the production of the gun.  I really didn't know anything more than what was being posted on the Heizer Facebook page.  Most of the Facebook updates were references to all the cool accessories for the DoubleTap, but devoid of any real insight on when the pistols would actually start shipping.  The overall tone of the Facebook page was supportive, but you can see that folks were starting to wonder if the DoubleTap was ever going to come to market.

I sent an email to Laura Burgess Marketing two weeks ago to see if I was still in the mix for the Heizer Testing and Evaluation program, but didn't hear back from them on my query.  It would be great if I will still be included, but I have my doubts as I am sure there are a bunch of more popular reviewers that have jumped on the Heizer bandwagon since my initial acceptance into the program in October 2011.  If it works out, great.  If not, I completely understand.

Not sure what inspired me to check Bud's this morning, but when I did I saw that Heizer is now listed in their list of manufacturers and the full line of DoubleTaps are listed on the Heizer page with their Bud's Price and button so you can add your DoubleTap of choice to your wish list.  Bud's price is slightly lower than Heizer Retail.

After seeing what was up on Buds, I made a stop on the Heizer Defense page and found two interesting things.  The first is an open letter to customers from Ray Kohout explaining the delay in release of the DoubleTap.  You can read that letter here.

The other interesting thing was a video of Ray shooting a DoubleTap.  This video was just added to YouTube yesterday so perhaps we'll be seeing some DoubleTaps shipping soon!

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