Monday, June 11, 2012

Hornady vs. Heizer Defense?

Earlier today I got an email from a blog follower with a link to a new trademark lawsuit.  The lawsuit was filed today in Nebraska and there appears to be a bit of a dust-up brewing with Hornady and Heizer Defense/Heizer Firearms.  I got wind of the lawsuit here.

I immediately went out to both the Heizer and Hornady websites to see if I missed something in their logos that was similar.  Nope, the logos are quite a bit different.  Time for a bit of Googling.......

Google brought me to another Hornady trademark infringement lawsuit that was filed against Double Tap ammunition.  Reading through the documentation here, I learned that Hornady trademarked TAP when they brought out that line of ammo several years ago.  Hornady believes they own TAP and any use of TAP, even if preceded by "DOUBLE" infringes on their trademark.

I can see why the Hornady vs. Double Tap suit makes some sense.  Both companies produce ammo so it might indeed be confusing for the ultimate consumer.

If similar claims are the basis for the lawsuit filed today against Heizer, that doesn't make as much sense because Hornady TAP is ammo and the Heizer DoubleTap is a firearm.  With the limited information available on the filing from today, I'm making a guess about the infringement details.  I think it's a fairly educated guess based on the previous filing against Double Tap Ammunition.

Ultimately, this will be one for the courts to decide.  I like Heizer's moxie for coming out with a new and innovative spin on the classic Derringer, and I've been a fan of Hornady bullets and ammo for decades.  I'm not going to pick a side in this battle, but I do hope that an amiable agreement can be reached between the two parties.

Let's just hope this doesn't slow down the flow of Heizer DoubleTaps out to the marketplace.  I know I'm not the only one dying to get their hands on one.


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