Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Name Change

Inspiration for change comes from many sources.

Earlier tonight I received a comment that the title of my blog is really misleading. As commonly defined, Mouse Guns are typically small .22, .25, and .32 caliber pistols. The larger calibers don't qualify for mouse gun status. I gave it some serious thought and found myself agreeing. Heck, I don't even own a small .22 or .25 pistol. It made me realize that Pocket Guns and Gear may indeed be a better blog title.

Blogger made it quite simple to make the change so from this post forward the blog will now be called Pocket Guns and Gear.


  1. The proposed Blog name change makes great sense. Carry on, and thanks for the great set of Blog posts thus far.

  2. Obviously the name change is good and more accurate and not up for discussion but I was endeared to the mousegun genre probably because of anti-big gun philosophy I enjoyed sharing at another website with a similar name. Please keep jolly green giant pockets at bay.

    1. Hey Bob. I appreciate the comment. I'll be sticking to the focus on short barrels, even if the calibers step up into the mid .40's. I've still got some .32 work to do, but will be branching up in the future too.

  3. I also think the name change makes sense. I had kind of thought the name didn't really match the focus of the blog, but I'm happy about that, because if you were really writing on true mouse guns, I probably wouldn't be that interested. Anyway, carry on the good work!