Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sig Sauer P938 Review Part 4 - Back from Service

On the last day of June, I put up my first real range report and review of the Sig P938.  During that range visit I had a few failures to extract and I also had a little problem with the trigger cutting into my finger.  It wasn't a great experience, but I did get through just over a hundred rounds of ammo.

Two days later I was out on the range again with the P938 and continued to have issues with failure to extract.  I subsequently called Sig and they issued me a return authorization for service.  The lead photo shows the test target and Gunsmith Comments from the service center visit.  After reviewing the changes and testing out the new very sweet 5 lb. trigger, I couldn't wait to get the pistol back out on the range and see how it performed.

The video below was shot earlier today.  I must say I am very disappointed in the pistol that was returned to me.  The failure to extract problem has gotten worse instead of better.  I've run 400 rounds through the pistol.  300 before service and 100 after service.  Sig ran 100 through while they had it.  I'm now 500 rounds into break-in so the typical new gun problems should be over by now.  The recoil spring has a recommended life of 1500 rounds so I'm 1/3 of the way through the life of the spring and still encounter repeated failures.

As you can tell from the video, I'm getting pretty frustrated.  The failure to extract issue is worse now than it was before.  When the gunsmith regulated the front site, the tritium vial was broken so the sight is now dead.  I've also had two failures to fire with the pistol and both rounds fired when they were put through the pistol as second time.  FTE is concerning.  Occasional FTF is VERY concerning.

I'm going to give the folks at Sig a call on Monday and see if they will take the pistol back a second time for service.  Something isn't right and they need to do more trouble shooting on the pistol or replace it with one that works.  Third time could be the charm that resolves all issues or this could be three strikes and you're out.  I really want to like this pistol.  It's very easy to shoot and a dream to carry, but it's getting more and more difficult to like something that I don't have any confidence in.

At least they'll be able to replace the front sight while they have it for the second time.


  1. Enjoyed your 938 post. I have some of the same issues. Thought it was my reloads. I'm shooting high and left and have had 7 or 8 fte and 1 ftf in 200 rounds. Took my glock 26 along also and had absolutely zero issues with my reloads. 5 grains tite group and 115 gr berrys plated RN. Shot a few hard cast lead also.
    Look forward to seeing how sig handles your second return.

    1. Cleaned the gun. Put another 100 rounds through it with some slide glide. Glad to report zero FTE and zero FTF. With my reloads of course. 5 grains of titegroup and 115 gr. Berry's rn

  2. Bruce --

    That ammo in the photo is the exact stuff I was going to send you for testing.

    1. Now I know why I can't find any. Sig bought it all up to test their pistols.

  3. I had some of the same issues, but mainly with Winchester ammo. After trying all other major ammo brands (Remington, Federal, etc.) I now only use the RWS Match Grade ammo. It has never failed to fire or eject. I use Sig mags and changed out the recoil spring and firing pin spring. I also changed to a better slide lube (sorry forgot to get mfg info.) No failures since using RWS ammo. For some reason it's also less expensive.

    Also when reloading to new clip, be sure to pull back on the slide to seat the new round, and not simply use the slide release mechanism. Most extraction and FTF issues can be resolved by consistenly following this rule. Another issue for some, is letting the thumb on their non-dominant (left) hand, ride against the slide during firing. This minor resistance is enough to cause extraction issues. For experienced shooters, I know this is old news, but it never hurts to review.