Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bacon Sundae Sunday

Last week I broke out of my routine and stepped into a fast food "restaurant".  This was primarily for my son as we were out and about and he was hungry, but I wasn't quite ready to head home and feed him.  I knew he was fond of the Mac and Cheese from Burger King so we stopped in only to find out that Mac and Cheese had been removed from the kids menu.  He settled for nuggets and I ordered some chicken strips.

I happened to notice this table ad as we were eating.  Glancing around the eating area, ads for the Bacon Sundae were everywhere you looked.  We discussed the merits of the ubiquitous Bacon Sundae for a few minutes and finally agreed that we should split one and see what we thought.  Unfortunately, the counter staff was exceptionally slow and my son's 8 year old patience ran out before we could give the taste treat a try.

We'll be out fishing later today and since it's Sunday, we're going to try a Bacon Sundae after we get off the water.  My expectations are pretty low, but since my son has become quite the connoisseur of bacon, and bacon related products, he's quite hopeful that the Sundae will hit the spot.

Personally, I think BK should have left Mac and Cheese on the Kid's Menu and skipped the Bacon Sundae, but what do I know about the fast food business.

We did make it back to Burger King this afternoon, but my son chickened out on the Bacon Sundae and opted for the vanilla cone.  I had the Sundae.  It wasn't bad.  For the first two spoonfuls the bacon almost made me think I was eating ice cream from a waffle cone, but as I continued down into the sundae the bacon flavor become more pronounced.  Like the first time I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich, it was indeed edible but not something I'd go out of my way to try again.  In real life the sundae actually looked almost as good as the advertisement.  First time I've ever seen that with fast food.

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