Friday, August 17, 2012

Heizer DoubleTap a Cover Story?

Earlier today I was minding my own business and happened to see a tweet from Heizer that the DoubleTap had made the cover of the September issue of Guns&Ammo Magazine.  Heading over to the Guns&Ammo website, I did indeed find a photo of the September 2012 issue with the long awaited DoubleTap on the cover.  The EXCLUSIVE! article is on the shelf or newsstand now.  Don't have a newstand near you?  You can order a copy HERE.

I'm hopeful we'll be seeing these pistols showing up in the stores soon and even more hopeful that the T&E pistols will find their way out to reviewer's hands.  I've been looking forward to my opportunity to review the DoubleTap for almost a year now.  I know I'm still on their T&E list, I'm just not sure how far down the list I am. 

I like the angle that G&A took with their article.  Their "Last Ditch" description is completely contrary to my personal thoughts on the role I have planned for this pistol.    

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