Saturday, August 25, 2012

Heizer DoubleTap Sighting

Normally, I'm not watching anything on TV that isn't Discovery Channel.  Last night a bunch of us got together to watch the Chicago-New York preseason game on my neighbor's awesome new covered patio.  It was a great excuse for a bunch of neighborhood guys to get together for beer, pizza, and wings.

While I wasn't overly interested in the game, I did glance at the TV long enough to catch a promo commercial for the CBS TV show called Person Of Interest.  I've never seen the show so I can't comment on it.  What caught my attention was the Heizer DoubleTap in the hand of the actress in the commercial.  I tweeted about the sighting last night from my phone with full intention of tracking down the promo video from my desk this morning.  The CBS website has horrible video quality, but I did find the promo on YouTube.  You can check out 20 second video below.  I also grabbed a screen cap of the Person of Interest wielding the Pistol of Interest.

She does indeed have a Heizer DoubleTap in her hand.  As you watch the video, listen for the sound of the actress cocking the hammer as she pulls the pistol on the man in the front seat.  Based on what we know about the DoubleTap, that sound is just wrong for a pistol with an internal hammer.  Hollywood creative license at it's best.   

Person of Interest Season 2 premiers September 27th on CBS.  I don't really have any interest in the show, but I will be watching for the DoubleTap.

Last week we had the DoubleTap on the cover of Guns&Ammo magazine and now a sighting on a prime time network television show.  Let's hope we start seeing the pistols themselves showing up in stores soon.  

She's smiling that smile because she's worked a DoubleTap into her carry rotation and the rest of us haven't. 

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  1. Exactly. I watch "Person of Interest" and caught that as well. I see actors and actresses pull Glocks on bad guys and "cock" them apparently (if you go by the sound track). I even saw one pretty police detective pull a Glock on a baddie, then rack the slide to chamber a 9mm round. Hmmmm, risky.