Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Range Time This Weekend

Every so often I have one of those weekends with a ton of stuff going on that I feel like I should write about.  Today was one of those days so please bear with me if I hit several different topics in this blog update.

First thing...I did pick up a copy of the September issue of Guns&Ammo magazine and it does indeed have the Heizer DoubleTap on the cover and a very well written article about the pistol, inventor, and the company that produces the pistol.  Dick Metcalf gives the reader just enough background and information about the pistol to layer on even more anticipation for it's eventual release to the market place.  I finished the article with two big questions in my mind.  Is it painful to shoot? and When you say the empties pop out, are they ejected or do they simply fall free?  I won't spoil the article for you by discussing too much of Dick's commentary about the recoil/kick/muzzle flip of the DoubleTap.  It's hinted at in the article, but leaves me with more questions instead of answers.  Also, we never get the chance to see the breach end of the barrel sets so I'm curious if Heizer figured out a way to integrate an ejector on the barrels or if Dick's comments about empties "pop out" means fall out with gravity or plucked out with your fingers.  For me, reading the article just makes me want to get my hands on one even more than before.

Second thing....My son and I went to our local Walmart earlier today and as we approached the store I couldn't believe what I saw on the sidewalk in front of the store.  I had read that Walmart was going to start selling "tactical" goodies now that they stock several different variations of ARs, but I didn't expect to see Blackhawk! set up a booth in front of my local store to demonstrate the tactical goodies.

Third thing...The heat finally broke a little this week and we even got a night of rain.  The garage has cooled by at least 25 degrees so I had the opportunity to cast up some SIM-TEST for the first time since early June.  While I was on SIM-TEST hiatus, I spent some time shopping for new gear to help improve my block to block consistency of SIM-TEST density.  I found some massive aluminum tamale pots and also a new mold.  So now instead of casting two small blocks at a time, I can cast one massive block that can be used "as is" or carved up into smaller blocks.  The key advantage is that the entire block should be consistent in density.  I estimate I can get 4 or 5 tests done per block.  With the new pots, it takes as long to cast one massive block as it would to cast 2 smaller blocks with my old hot plate and small pot set up.

As I head into Fall, I should probably invest in another 60lbs. of raw SIM-TEST so when I go to the range I can have two of these new massive blocks to work with.   If you would like to donate to the SIM-TEST fund, you can do so via PayPal by hitting the button directly below.  SIM-TEST is great stuff, but it's expensive.  60lbs. cost me $275 delivered the last time I ordered it.

Massive new double boiler with 50 and 40 quart pots over a dual burner hot plate.

32 quart slab of SIM-TEST cooling off.  This baby weights over 65 lbs and is about 5 times larger than my previous test blocks.

Last thing....If you haven't checked the Upcoming Testing Schedule recently, you may want to see what's coming up.  I remember what happened to ammo supplies 4 years ago so I've been buying ammo to test whenever I see it's available.  Seth from Ammunition Depot recently got in contact with me about providing some additional hard to find test ammo that I had not been able to track down.  He recently sent me some Speer Gold Dot 135 Grain 38 Special +P and Winchester Ranger T 9mm 147 Grain for testing.  I've added their banner to the bottom of my blog.  If you are shopping for case lots or just single boxes of ammo, please at least check their prices before ordering elsewhere.  I found them to be quite competitive with many other online suppliers. "Ammunition Depot Coupon Code" before you order.  I noticed one or two active codes are currently available.

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