Thursday, August 9, 2012

Springfield XDs 45 Review Part 1 - Unboxing

When I received the pistol from Jon, he mentioned that it might need to be cleaned due to a bullet and case separation that loaded the pistol with unburned powder.  After an hour of cleaning and getting all those unburned grains of powder out of the gun, I can honestly say I know the guts of this thing pretty well.

It feels really good in my hand and after making the unboxing video tonight I can't wait until Saturday when I will have the chance to actually shoot the pistol out on the range.  Less words and more video.

I remember watching a video back in January with Rob Leatham describing the XDs 45 as a "game changer" for Springfield.  It stuck in my head, but I maintained a little healthy skepticism until I actually got my own hands on one.  If this thing checks out on the range, I will be adding one to my carry rotation.  I like it that much.  It really feels that good in my hands.

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