Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Heizer DoubleTap on CBS Person Of Interest 9/27

Last month I put up a blog about the CBS series Person of Interest and that the teaser promo for Season 2 had this lady and her DoubleTap.   Don't forget to watch tomorrow night, 9-27 on CBS, and see how this DoubleTap drama plays out.  I set my DVR just in case I forget to watch, you might want to do the same. I can't believe how fast the month has passed.  Can we hope that shipments will commence after the TV appearance tomorrow night?

Here's some additional Heizer drama for you.  For the last few months Bud's Gun Shop has listed all the potential Heizer models in their on-line catalog.  They even added the Hedy Jane models a few weeks ago.  One of my browser home pages is set to the Heizer Page of Bud's on-line catalog.  I happened to notice the Heizer page is blank today.  This may be because the page is being updated to reflect the inventory they finally received from Heizer, or they decided not to carry the Heizer DoubleTap and have dropped the item listings.   I really hope the page is down for maintenance and I check back later to see some Heizers in-stock for purchase.

Just for grins, I did ping the Bud's online chat-help to ask them what was up with the Heizer page of their catalog, but I did not receive a response from them.


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