Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Boberg XR9-L Production Update

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Boberg Arms.  Since receiving my XR9-S back in April, I continue to appreciate the unique design features of the pistol.  I shoot a bunch of pocket guns as I work on the blog, but the XR9-S continues to be my pocket 9 of choice for concealed carry.  It might not be the smallest, lightest, and most pocket-able of the bunch, but for me it is the most accurate and softest shooting.  I've run a steady diet standard pressure defense and +P ammo through my pistol and it's holding up just fine.

Back in mid-August, I posted a blog about sitting in on a real-time design session that took place over on the Boberg Forum.  You can read about that event by clicking HERE.  If you don't want to read the previous blog, then I'll just say that a bunch of us posted our design ideas for the new XR9-L, or long slide version of the XR9-S.  When the final design drawing was finished, the pistol was going to look like this.
We ended up with a design that was very similar to the XR9-S, but with a longer barrel, slide, sight radius, and accessory rail. 

After what I think is a relatively short 3 month wait, we all got our first look at a firing and fully functional XR9-L this week.  I think it looks fantastic, but again, I'm probably a bit biased since I was part of the design team.  I'm not 100% sure of the final specifications, but I believe the total length of the pistol is just under 6" and barrel length is 4.2".  Weight was not available at the time I wrote this up, but I'll get that later and post an update.  
Boberg Arms will be displaying their XR9-S and new XR9-L at the SHOT Show this year.  If you are attending, you can find them at booth 2827. 

If you would like a Boberg XR9-S or XR9-L of your own, sales are only done through the Boberg web store.    

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