Wednesday, November 21, 2012

New Remora Hyde Holsters - Black Friday Sales

Two new Remora-Hyde Holsters

I've blogged about Remora Holsters a few times over the last year.  You see them in my reviews and various shooting videos.  I'm bought into the clip-less inside the waistband holster concept and have several Remoras that I use for pocket or IWB carry.  When visiting various forums, I always try to read what other people think about Remora Holsters.  The only complaints I've read are that the holsters are thicker than other all synthetic pocket holsters like the Nemesis and Blackhawk! products.  Overall acceptance of the clip-less IWB holster seems to be really good.

Alan Bogdan, the Owner of Remora, must be cursed with divine discontent.  It seems like there is a new cut, style, or type of Remora holster hitting the website every few months.  The latest product update is the Remora-Hyde holster.  The Remora-Hyde holster is exactly the same as a standard Remora holster, except the synthetic inner lining has been replaced with 4-5 oz. cow hide.

 Original Remora Size 2 ART holster on left and new Remora-Hyde Size 2 ART holster on right

I asked Alan why he decided to expand his holster line up with this new lining option.  He told me that the new cow hide lined holsters were added to appeal to traditional leather holster lovers and also to reduce the overall holster thickness.  The cow hide is actually thinner than the synthetic liner material, even when the synthetic liner is compressed.  I took a quick weight and measure and found that the leather lining adds slightly to the overall holster weight, but does indeed reduce the thickness of the holster.

Intrigued by the new lining concept, I decided to give the 2-ART size a try with the Remora-Hyde lining.  The picture below shows my year old original 2-ART holster on the left and the new Remora-Hyde holster on the right.  After only 3 days of use, the Remora Hyde holster is fitting itself to the pistol and forming a nice curved profile to match the curve of my thigh.  By day three, the draw from the Remora Hyde holster is as buttery smooth as any fine leather pocket holster.  I like it.

For those that worry about "printing", the outside of the holster was also starting to fit to the pistol, but not nearly as much as the leg side of the holster.  Swapping one holster for another and checking the print in a mirror, I couldn't pick up a significant difference between the two holsters other than the Remora-Hyde holster being a little less thick.  The picture below is reversed from the one above.  The Remora-Hyde holster is on the left and the regular Remora on the right.

I also tried a Remora-Hyde holster in the IWB configuration with the added Sweat Shield option.  This one didn't get carried as much as the pocket holster this week, but you can see that it is also starting to mold to the pistol contours.  Particularly around the trigger guard and ejection port.

Normally, I'd like to use a new product for at least a week before blogging about it, but earlier today I found out that Remora is running a 15% off everything they sell special offer this weekend.  Per their Facebook page: "Black Friday sale that continues all weekend long!!!! Receive a 15% discount on any order placed between this Friday at 12am through Sunday at 11:59pm (this offer can not be combined with any other offer) just enter the code blackfriday15 on the order page to receive the discount."  To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time Remora has run a special offer discount like this so please take advantage of this special offer if you've been wanting a Remora holster of your own.  I know I've got my eye on a holster or two that I'm going to try with the Remora-Hyde liner while the discount code is active.

Speaking of discount codes, the folks at Clear Ballistics have super-sized the always active 5% discount they set up for readers of this blog.  For Black Friday Weekend, you can get a whopping 30% off all Clear Ballistics products.  This offer was published on their Facebook page earlier today.  If you've wanted to try your hand a terminal ballistics testing, now's your chance to get in on the fun at 30% off.  

I never leave the house on Black Friday.  It just seems like too much drama to save a few bucks.  I will say that these two offers are pretty killer and I don't even have to leave my house to take advantage of them.

Y'all have a great Thanksgiving.


  1. Currently, he is running a New Year sale with 25% off your entire order with the code newyear25. I ordered two with the cowhide interior.

  2. Thanks. Didn't see this offer yet so appreciate the heads up.