Saturday, December 15, 2012

2013 Wish List

Last March I posted my 2012 Wish List well after all the new stuff was announced at the annual SHOT Show and folks had the chance to write up their impressions of the new stuff.  For 2013, I'm going to compile my list ahead of the show and we'll see how many of my wish list items will actually be available in the new year.  Breaking from a strictly pistols list that I posted last year, I'm also including ammunition and gear on the list this year.

You know how wish lists go.  You throw everything against the wall in the hopes that one or two things will actually stick.  While it would be great to at least evaluate everything on the list, I doubt I will see more than three of these items this year.

Boberg XR9-L
The 2012 wish list had the XR9-S on it and it was one of the pistols I was actually able to purchase in 2012.  The ownership experience has been great, and while you might not find the grip forward design of the XR9-S to your liking, I have come to love it.  For me it's a great fit and I shoot it very well.  The XR9-L, at its base, is simply a longer XR9-S.  With the additional slide length you get a 4.2" barrel, accessory rail, and the inherent advantages of a longer sight radius and more weight in the muzzle.  The XR9-S is a dream to shoot even with the stoutest 9mm +P defense loads.  The XR9-L should be even more pleasant to shoot.  Also due out in 2013 is a new short stroke trigger for the XR9 series of pistols.  I have no problems with the standard length trigger pull, but I'll try the new length just to see if it improves my shooting.  Review is available on the GUN REVIEWS summary page.

DoubleTap Defense DoubleTap
Back on the list for 2013 is the DoubleTap from DoubleTap Defense.  This one was on the 2012 Wish List with the same name, but being produced by Heizer Defense.  After a tumultuous year of missed release dates and unfilled distributor orders the DoubleTap appeared on the cover of the September 2012 Guns&Ammo magazine.  We all expected imminent release, but found out that production would be moved to a new manufacturer and brought to market by DoubleTap Defense.  I still like the concept and uber thin design so I'm in for the long haul.  The current availability estimate is for late Q1 2013.  I'm hopeful.

Springfield XDs .357 SIG
One of the best parts of writing the blog this year was the opportunity to review some new to market pistols that I didn't have to actually purchase.  The loaner guns allowed me experience some of the best new products released last year without the hassle of scrambling around to find one and investing my money in something I might not like.  The Springfield XDs 45 Auto falls in that short list of really excellent new products.  I liked the XDs so much that I purchased it from the person that loaned it to me.  I would pick up another XDs if it was available in .357 SIG so it's on my wish list.

Sig Sauer P224 SAS DAK .357 SIG
Since this is the second 357 Sig chambered pistol on my wish list, you may have figured out that I've become enamored with the 357 Sig cartridge.  I believe the P224 was announced at the 2012 SHOT Show, but never did make it out to the market in 2012.  As a fan of DAO or striker fired pistols, the Sig proprietary DAK trigger system seems to offer the best of both systems.  Adding the SAS or Sig Anti-Snag treatment to the P224 should make this small double stack a dream to carry.         

Beretta Nano .40 S&W
Beretta classifies their Nano 9mm as a pocket pistol on their website.  It is proudly displayed beside their 22LR/25 Auto Bobcat and 32 Auto Tomcat models.  I really like the incredibly clean look and slim width of the 9mm Nano, so I'm holding out for the .40 S&W version.  If they can maintain the current 9mm dimensions, but upsize the caliber to 40 S&W it's a winner in my book.  I've been hounding the Beretta tweet-keepers about availability of the 40 and have been told that maybe sometime in 2013.  When it's available, it will be mine.  If the price point holds to current 9mm levels, it's a steal.  Review is available on the GUN REVIEWS summary page.

Caracal SC
I'm really intrigued with this brand, but have held off tracking one down this year in hopes of finding the third model released in the US.  The third model is the smallest SC (assume sub-compact) model.  The main draws for me are the Quick Acquisition Sight System set up and that it's another poly framed sub compact 9mm that I have not had the chance to try yet.  This one was due out in late 2012, but I have not yet seen it available at my usual product availability checking spots. 
????????? 50th Birthday Pistol
3 years ago I resurrected my previous tradition of "the birthday pistol".  It's a simple tradition of finding one pistol that is unique or special to me.  The big Five-Oh is coming up this year and I would like to get something really special to mark the event.  I think an expensive watch is traditional, but I haven't worn a watch daily in almost 7 years so that would be a waste.  Living so close to to Nighthawk Custom and Wilson Combat it's logical for me to head on over there and see what they have to offer.  I've narrowed my "wants" down to a 4" or 5" 1911.         

New additions for the 2013 Wish List are ammunition and shooting gear items that I would like to purchase or at least review and evaluate.  I promise to buy it if the manufacturers make it.

Hornady Critical Defense .32NAA
Hornady recently announced that they will be adding the .32NAA to their Critical Defense line of ammunition.  Loaded with a 80 grain FTX bullet, the load has an advertised muzzle velocity of 1000 fps.  Having tested the only other two commercially available 32NAA loads, I found performance to be less than impressive.  I'm hopeful the heavier bullet and good velocity will really allow this cartridge to achieve its potential.

Federal HST .380 Auto
Just in case you couldn't tell, I photo-shopped the picture above from one of my HST 9mm test photos.  I don't understand why Federal hasn't added a 380 Auto version to their excellent HST line of ammunition.  HST performs really well in short barrel 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP.  This is one more reason why I would really like to see the 380 version released.

Corso Inc. MagGuts +1 Magazine Conversion
This is going to sound too good to be true.  With the parts kit shown above, you can cram one extra round into the factory magazine tube of the Ruger LCP and KelTec P3AT.  I don't own either one of those, but another kit is on the horizon for the Diamondback DB380 which I do own.  I hope the concept flies because the kit I really want is for the Diamondback DB9.  I follow a few different forums and so far the reports on this magazine conversion kit have been positive.  You can get one more round into the magazine and still have reliable feeding from the magazine.

Galloway Precision Reduced Power Hammer and Firing Pin Spring Set for the KelTec P-32
Long and heavy triggers don't work well for me.  I don't mind a long trigger pull as long as it's light and consistent all the way through the pull.  I'm going to try one of these Galloway spring kits on my P-32 to see if it helps improve my accuracy.  With the tiny sights on the P-32, I'm open to trying anything that helps me dial in on accuracy.  The nice thing about this kit is it's only available as a calibrated spring set.  If you've ever tried to re-balance the firing pin spring after changing the hammer spring weight, you can appreciate the value of this calibrated spring kit.

That's my list.  Not too much stuff on it really.  I do reserve the right to amend the list after all the new stuff gets announced at SHOT in January.


  1. A Wilson Combat SuperGrade Compact Lightweight, I see in your future... :)

    Everyone should have one... I will one day!

  2. All I want for 2013 is a new president and more conservatives in the Senate.