Friday, January 4, 2013

Don't Mess With Ray - DoubleTap Update

Well here's a not totally unexpected update on one of my 2013 Wish List items.  If you have been following the trials and tribulations of the development and manufacturing of what was once the Heizer DoubleTap, but later became the DoubleTap Defense DoubleTap then you now the split between the Heizer Company and Ray Kohout was dramatic and most probably painful for all.  I've been watching and reading for any updates and did see that Heizer was planning to move ahead with the project without Ray, and Ray went out and found a new manufacturer in Azimuth Technologies.

Today we saw this shot from Doubletap Defense (Ray) across the bow of Heizer Defense (Heizer) and Others (whomever Others may be) that you better not steal his intellectual property and come to market with some DoubleTap-like pistol. Not sure what the monetary damages are for other than the "inability to fulfill its manufacturing obligations" when Heizer was designated as the manufacturer.

This is all my interpretation of the press release below so don't DoubleTap me if my interpretation isn't correct.  It is good to see Ray stand up for his baby and put imitators on notice that there will be only one DoubleTap.  Now let's see if they can get some out the door in Quarter 1 as promised.  I'm pulling for their success in meeting their target.


  1. I truly hope it finally comes out this year too. I bet closer to July, but who knows! In a related note on "intellectual property" look up the Cobray Pocket Pal. It has a remarkable resemblance to the Double Tap.

    1. Hopefully, the "Dub-T" will be as well known!

      It's a travesty so far, I bet the Pocket Pal was a better performer... :-(