Monday, January 7, 2013

New Rimfire Cartridge from Winchester - 17 Win Super Mag

Dubbed the 17 Win Super Mag, this one looks very good in the new marketing video that just went up on YouTube.  I have not been this excited about a new rimfire offering since the 17 HMR.

Very interested to see who comes to market first with rifles.  I'm hoping for a Ruger 77/17 with a target crowned heavy barrel to match my 17 HMR.  That rifle and this new rimfire round will elevate my Summer pass-time of long range plinking of flies off a cardboard box to grand new heights.   

I need another caliber about as much as I need another hole in my head, but this one has definitely piqued my interest.  The promise of a true 200 yard rimfire cartridge is just too compelling to pass up.

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