Saturday, January 19, 2013

Saying Good-bye to a Valued Team Member

Good help is really hard to find. When you do find someone that always pulls their weight on your team, you treat them special and do your best to keep them happy and engaged in their work. I had someone like that on my team up until about 2pm this afternoon.

This team member made their YouTube video debut back in March of 2012. Things were a bit sketchy on that first day of taping, but we knew we could find a way to work together and create some really good videos.

Yes, it's unfortunately true that I shot my chronograph today while working on a new test.  Its delicate plastic constitution was simply no match for the 158 Grain Speer Gold Dot .357 Magnum that struck it squarely in the face just above the Delete Shot pressure pad. 

If it's any consolation, it was a clean kill that passed completely through and resulted in a fabled "One Shot Stop".

The exit wound showed signs of moderate expansion as the bullet progressed through the chronograph media.

Looking closely at the wound channel, we can see expansion started quickly as illustrated by the size difference between the entrance wounds in the chronograph face and first skyscreen sensor.

Deep penetration is one of the things we like to see when reviewing wound channels.  You really want the bullet to penetrate deep enough to reach something vital.  In this case, penetration was outstanding and reached deep enough to sever both the positive and negative battery leads.  

Exiting the second skyscreen sensor, we can really see how this load has expanded as it progressed down the wound channel.  I estimate the exit wound to be 3 times the size of the entrance wound in the first skyscreen sensor.

My Thoughts On This Load:
I'm a huge dumb-ass that shot his chronograph.  It was kinda neat to see the insides of the chronograph, but I'm still mad at myself for shooting it.  That's another hundred dollar bill out the window.  I can only hope that the replacement will be as great a team member as the original.


  1. I felt kinda bad laughing at your misfortune, but you clearly made the best of the situation and made a good blog post out of it. Good luck finding its replacement.

  2. You killed Chrony... You BASTARD!