Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Sneak Peek at the Boberg 45 ACP XR45-S

Arne Boberg is at it again......

Back in late 2011, Arne started shipping his first factory model, the XR9-S pocket 9mm.  I reviewed that innovative breath of fresh air HERE.

In January of this year I was given the opportunity to get some trigger time with his latest creation the XR9-L, or longer slide and barrel version of the XR9-S pocket 9mm.  You can read about that very fun week HERE.

I haven't even placed the order for my XR9-L yet and Arne drops this bombshell on us earlier today at his Boberg Arms community forum.  Yup, it's the 45 ACP version of the 9mm Shorty pocket pistol.  I have to assume the dimensions on the drawing are still subject to change, but I bet this drawing is pretty close to what the finished model will look like.  Arne has been through the design process several times now so I think he has it pretty much figured out.  I'll call out the highlights.

Length is about 5.75"
Height is about 4.4"
Width is about 1.084
Slide width is about 1.084"
Capacity is 6+1
Barrel Length is not shown on the drawing, but Arne said 3.7"
Let me shine some perspective on this new model.  I think you all know I'm really fond of my Springfield XDs 45.  It's another pistol I had a chance to review last year and decided I couldn't live without.  The key dimensions of the XDs are:

Length is 6.3"
Height is 4.4"
Width is 1.00"
Slide width is 0.9"
Capacity is 5+1
Barrel Length is 3.3"

So the XR45-S has the advantages of a shorter overall length, longer barrel, and +1 to capacity.  Heights are identical.  The slide width advantage stays with Springfield.

If the development cycle for the XR45-S matches the dev cycle for the XR9-L, we could see this pistol in 2013.  The XR9-L went from a drawing to a pistol in my hands for testing and evaluation in 6 months.  I realize the 45 will require an entirely new frame and slide so this one might take a bit longer, but Arne and his crew should be getting pretty good at this gun making business by now so I'm still hopeful for a rapid development cycle.

I'll keep you posted on any new developments.  


  1. If the locking system can handle 9x19 mm +P, it can also handle .45 ACP. Surprisingly, the bolt trust is lower in .45 ACP, due to lower peak pressure. Barrel profile could stay the same, about .62". The main problem would be with the frame, which would need to be ~ .08-0.1" thicker, to accommodate the bigger cartridge, without losing strenght. If the barrel gets thicker, and slide wider, to fit the new frame size, bolt trust can be increased about 15%. This means it could handle .45 ACP +P, and even 10 mm AUTO. But the kick would'n be too pleasant.

  2. the 10mm is my favorite cartrige....but it is not for the faint of heart...the cartrige beats up guns and people on both ends.Only one manufacturer has the balls to chamber for it...BRAVO Glock...Robert(1001%Marine)

    1. I don't follow 10mm, but didn't or doesn't Colt make a 10mm?

    2. kimber does too.. as does nighthawk

    3. As does nearly all the EAA Tanfoglio lineup. Lot's of 10mm's

  3. Dan Wesson makes a selection of 1911s in 10mm. ;)
    Of course, none of them are as small as this new Boberg design.